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The project

The development of business projects

The development of business projects is divided into several stages:

  • evaluation and study of the business opportunities on the basis of strict criteria;
  • development of the Business Project, in order to meet the specific commercial and industrial opportunities and direct them towards the strategic goals of profit and medium and long-term development;
  • search for potential partners, stakeholders, CEO, CFO and/or suppliers or distributors;
  • planning and study of the business project;
  • analysis and enhancement of the skills and intangible assets of different entrepreneurs, in order to facilitate and optimize the know-how transfer and the business expertise to develop the Business Project;
  • assistance to B2B meetings, preliminary meetings and further negotiation meetings with stakeholders, including the organization and the preparation for institutional and governmental meetings, chambers of commerce, trade associations;
  • advice on legal, financial and strategic aspects in order to close the trade, professional or entrepreneurial deal;
  • global assistance until the conclusion of the deal or project.



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